Simple Stats for parents tracking their children's athletic performance

As parents, we love to watch our children play sports!
But tracking and sharing their performance? Now, that’s a hassle.
That’s why we developed our “Simple Stats” trackers.


Why Keep Stats?

When we keep our children’s stats it shows them we care because we showed up, paid attention, and focused on positive contributions they had on their games.

Be Present

  • Put Away Distractions
  • Engage in Active Listening before and after their games
  • Be Responsive to Emotions

Pay Attention

  • Learn the Game Rules
  • Observe Player Progress
  • Encourage Team Spirit
  • Watch, don’t coach

Positive Reinforcement

  • Focus on Effort
  • Highlight Sportsmanship
  • Use Encouraging Words
  • Celebrate Small Achievements

Best option for youth
Sports Simple Stats.

A user-friendly app that allows you to track and share all
your children’s stats with just a few simple clicks.


Basketball Simple Stats

This app is designed to track your players stats throughout a season. Share results with friends and family easily. See how your player is improving over the years or if they play better in a certain league over another one. For example school vs club. Track year-over-year performance. 

What Customers Say

Listen to what other parents have to say about the Simple Stats tracker.

Where has this been?

I’m so so happy this app was created! My son and daughter both play basketball and unfortunately both mom and dad can’t always be there to watch their games, so we track our children’s games and go over their results afterwards. Love it!

Great job with the app

This is the best basketball stat keeping app on the App Store! This app has simplified keeping and sharing my son’s basketball stats exponentially. What was once a cumbersome process can now be done in a few simple clicks. If you have been looking for an app that makes tracking your child’s stats and sharing them incredibly easy, your search is over.

Easy to use

I’ve enjoyed playing around with this app. I’ve used another app that has been pretty good, but I’m really pulling for this one because it can just track my kid with the core stat categories.

The ability to save all the games is essential. Love this app! Thanks for making it.

Meet Our Team

Take a look behind the scenes and see who is driving the Basketball Simple Stats Tracker.

Rylan Evans

Founder & CEO

Lilly Evans

Social Media

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